Monday, January 5, 2015

Dangers of Plastic Bottles For Health

With the plastic bottle is definitely going to help us because it makes everything more practical . But, you know plastic bottles also save a danger to our bodies . If you do not know what are the dangers of plastic bottles , go see the review below .

Plastic known as PET plastic is safe to use . However , this plastic can only be used once. Plastic is one of the synthetic material production using compound material . When recycled , plastic will undergo a chemical process that makes plastic release substances called BPA ( Bisphenol A ) .

But do you know whether the CPA ? BPA is a chemical found in polycarbonate plastic content . So what BPA danger for the body ? BPA has the potential to interfere with normal function and hormonal systems . This will cause detrimental effects to the health , growth , reproduction and behavioral problems .

To avoid this, you can reduce the use of plastic bottles . And it's better to use glass bottles or glass as drink containers . And make sure the food and beverage containers made ​​from plastic are not in direct contact with hot water . Because it can cause the release of BPA and ingested by humans .

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