Thursday, January 8, 2015

Shown Beautiful With Scarf

Along with berekembangnya fashion , scarf that was once only used for any accessories on the neck , the scarf is now also seen as accessories for the hair . It will make you look more beautiful and charming . We recommend that if the scarf would be a hair ornaments , choose a scarf with delicate materials like silk .

Curious how it looks ?

Urban turban

If you have not had time to wash your hair , hair style scarf which one is suitable for you . The trick , first you have to tie your hair into a messy buns and secure with bobby pins hair . Then place the folded scarf over the forehead and then wrap it past the bottom of the hair . Pull the scarf right part gets left ear . Vice versa. Then make a knot from the rest of the scarf .

Woven Milkmaid Braid

The trick , for the hair into two sections and then attach a long scarf with right and left alike . Take the right side and braid hair with a scarf the right side . Do the same for the left side . Then secured with elastic bands . After the wrap braid the right side to the upper left and vice versa .

Long Woven Braid

To wear a scarf and perform with this style first thing to do is to wear a scarf like the headband but not tied . For the hair into three sections and then braid . Typing has until the end , tie braid to include the rest of the scarf .

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