Friday, January 9, 2015

Tips on Choosing the Appropriate Type Hair Comb

There are many types of comb that you can choose to arrange your hair is because the hair style will determine your appearance , you know . This time I will give you tips to choose the most appropriate comb according to the type of hair you have .

1. Comb round
You want curly hair ? Try to use a comb on this one . Circular comb is equipped with wooden or plastic handles that will help you to form grooves or curls in the hair .

2. Comb jagged rarely
This comb is very effective to help you when you want to shape it with the style you want . This comb is also very useful to organize and dry hair . Not flexible enough ? This comb is a comb which is appropriate for use .

3. Comb square
Square comb very useful to elaborate on wet hair . In addition , a square comb can also make hair become dry faster after described .

4. Comb soft
If you have long hair , try to use this type of comb that one . This comb has been designed to tame the long hair and also can protect your hair .

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